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So, you know how we gave you a tutorial on decorating your dinner table for Easter this year? The one with the stacked dinner plates, footed glassware and a beautiful floral centerpiece?  It was very classy and “adult-like”, right?SONY DSC

But what about the kids’ table?! Yea! Let’s not forget to give the kids their own special tablescape for Easter!

Get out some plastic Easter grass, the bright colored eggs, a giant Easter basket, and all the springtime crafts the kids bring home from school.  Put it in the middle of the kids table and, ta-da!

Add some personalized place settings for each of the kids and of course, a chocolate bunny.  The kids will love it, and who knows… maybe they will even eat all their veggies sitting at a table this fun!

Here is an Easter table that Abby and the kids set up at our Model Home in Whisper Rock to help inspire you.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC

Happy Easter from us at Slattery Builders and Home Vision Design Center!

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