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Home Vision

We are very excited about our new venture here at Home Vision.

After the Home Sale on May 21st, we are re-stocking our model home with BRAND NEW decor!  The cool thing is- this time- all the things you see in our model home AND spec homes, will be for sale!

In the past, we would fill our model homes with furniture and home decor and keep all those items for a year- or several years- before we would sell it to the public.

Not anymore!

We have decided to fill our model and spec homes with items that are exactly what you are looking for today! You can come and check out the fresh color pallets and decor schemes that I have put together in our newest homes, and take home any of the items that you fall in love with!!

Shipment SplitP 3Today we got our very first shipment of items!  Mirrors, side tables, pillar and taper candle holders, beautiful throws and fabulous console tables.

We are so excited about everything that is coming!  Check back next week to see what else comes in!




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